Monday, July 27, 2009


a while ago my friend sent me an email to check out pandora. later that day i checked his moblog, and there was a post that looked just like the email i received "check out pandora". later on i logged into facebook and my buddy had posted "check out pandora".

and that's around the time i realized that some automated pandora promotion tricked him into spamming every single contact in his address book.

his official twitter comment: "wow, pandora, really? you are the worst..."

now i've never really jumped on the pandora bandwagon, in fact i somewhat dislike pandora. up until recently i've been a diehard. okay, not so much a diehard. but i've been scrobbling with for quite a while.

you can check out my recently played tracks, as well as artists, albums, and songs categorized by playcount. tracking that information is pretty interesting and effortless with [my stats]. as you can tell i'm pretty into tegan and sara.

there's a pretty good comparison of the two music discovery services previously mentioned located in this post. it seems that there's always a pro and a con, nothing completely does the job 100% perfect each time in each area. welcome to the real world mr.

honorable mention goes out to
think twitter, but every tweet requires a song attached to it. you wanna say "i had a crappy monday" you better attach a song to it. the songs are pulled from all over the net, not uploaded by you (or other users). it's an interesting perspective, i've started my own page, for those who can't get enough of my inactive twittering or want to hear what i deem worthy to 'blip'.

the 61 is also a different new music discovery site. the think i like most about this site is that no matter where you click (with the exception of the pause button) the song you are listening to continues to play. most other sites don't support this.

there's so much music, and now there's so many ways to consume it. i'm currently in process of performing an analysis of how i consume music. document the flow, assess, and then streamline for maximum efficiency. that's another post.


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