Tuesday, July 14, 2009

bring a friend to work day

i feel like i know my friends fairly well. i know their likes, dislikes, dating history, fears, hopes, shoe sizes, top three most embarrassing moments and more. but my friends lead a double life. matter of fact i lead a double life as well. i've touched upon this topic before, the 'work' personality and the 'life' personality.

thing is, i only see the 'life' personalities of my friends. technically i've worked with a few friends, but a misguided startup company environment doesn't necessarily bring out the professionals in all of us i'm going to discount that experience. things would have been very different if that same group of friends worked at a company of 2,000 people or more that's established (and actually generates revenue).

granted the white collar environment isn't too exciting. a cube is a cube, an office is an office, if you've eaten at one cafeteria you've eaten at them all. but i find it fascinating to see what my friends do when they are out of my presence and at in the real world earning cold hard cash.

i'd be thoroughly entertained to see what my friend's workspaces look like, where they spend time heating up their lunches, what meetings do they participate in, who are their allied or enemy coworkers and how they deal with them.

i'd love to have a 'bring your friend to work' day, and be able to shadow my friends to experience this other life that they lead 5 days a week. though, lately i have many friends who only lead the life i know. i blame the current economic climate, there's no way my childhood friends have grown up to be slackers.

i also have nurse friends, i do not have the stomach to see everything that they do. conditional bring your friend to work day it is!


Mr. Tamayo said...


Mr. Navidi, you know you have an open invitation to come to my classroom anytime.

All I need to do is find a classroom to teach in this fall.

Anonymous said...

you may come to work with me when you are visiting. i'll even buy you lunch. :) -shi

Omnisprime said...

i want to come i want to come!!! (hands int he air). =)

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