Thursday, July 23, 2009

gourmet sabzi

today is attempt one at a staple persian dish. granted they didn't use a slow cooker to make this dish back in the day, i'm trying to be as efficient as possible.

the above picture is taken at the point where i let everything cook together for hours and hours. ~10mins before i'm ready to feast, add the kidney beans and i'm done.

well kids, you guessed it - touchdown, homerun, he-could-go-all-the-way!

the dish came out great, i don't think i'll ever pay for this dish again. come to think of it, i've paid for this dish 4-5 times in my life, so it's not really as life changing as i am trying to make it appear.


a. said...

Wow! I'm coming over.

Mr. Tamayo said...

Damn! I really like the cutting board in the background. The food looks good too!

Gemma said...

YUM! You can make this for the tamayo's when you go to Seattle.

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