Sunday, July 12, 2009

my adidas

july 24th 2004 in santa monica, ca is where it all started.

a close friend of mine was born on july 24th, and in 2004 he threw a birthday party. his parties normally have themes. this theme was 80's rockstar party.

apparently i waited till the day of the party to find an outfit. with no clue of what to wear i stumbled into aardvarks thrift store in santa monica and found a black leather hat, just like run dmc used to wear! that $9.99 hat was the first piece of my outfit. i cruised around a few other stores and bought a cheap plastic gold chain and then a pair of white adidas superstars (which i plan to wear with no laces). the rest of my outfit was black pants and a black long sleeve shirt.

the party was fun and my costume was far from the coolest one there, everyone participated. we jammed to madonna, black michael jackson, george michael and more.

after the party i ditched the hat and the plastic necklace, but those $60.00 adidas shell toes were far from expired. i wasn't initially in love with the shelltoes, however they slowly grew on me. more and more i'd wear them on weekends and casual fridays at work. before i knew it, my white with black stripes superstars were my favorite sneaker.

flash forward a few years, and i find myself making the new year's resolution: buy 1 pair of shoes each month minimum. i wasn't sure what to buy at first, but i knew that i wanted adidas. ever since childhood i've always like adidas shoes, probably because as a soccer player adidas was king.

well i ended up expanding my adidas collection as well as my shelltoe collection. if you know me, or ever see me, chances are that i'll be wearing some adidas superstars. and this pair right here, this is the pair that started it all.

i keep all my sneakers in the box for storeability (and for stackability), but i've also picked up the habit of tossing the receipt in the box as well... which is how i know that these were bought on 7/24/04.


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