Friday, July 3, 2009

dj hit the remix

i've liked everything remixed by supermayer (a duo out of germany) that i've heard so far. so it was only normal that i surfed their myspace page in hopes of usa tour dates and undiscovered tracks. no usa tours unfortunately. there was an undiscovered track titled tiergarten.

along comes twelve and a half minutes (though the one i downloaded is 13:32) of holy mack my moly!!

supermayer's signature is heavy bass, delicate melodies, and catchy vocal hooks. 2:30 mins in i'm thinking i must have the wrong song. something is not right here. where are the signature sounds? i hear rufus's voice, a beautiful harp over some xylophone, and a small kick drum...

-that's when 2:53 hits. and oh does it hit! here comes the bass and synth sounds. the bass is so upfront and heavy that i literally melted the fuse protecting my 760 watt amplifier jamming this tune at 80% volume. the song doesn't build up and drop down like one would expect. in fact i don't think many people will appreciate this wonderful track, but i sure do.

i'm fascinated by remixes. most people hear a skipping cd and say "oh, remix! haha", it almost offends me. especially in the voyeuristic state our entertainment industry is in, where behind the scenes gets just as much attention as the scenes. we love the creation process, the start to finish. a remixed song is a perfect start to finish, especially if you are intimately familiar with the starting point (original song)?

take a listen to the original track, and then listen to the remix. why did the remixing artist use this as the original, what did they use or leave out? what did the remixer add in, has the song become something completely different, or is it a slightly mutated form of what the original artist created? these questions ponder in my mind, and i wonder what i would have done differently if i were to remix the original myself.

remixes do get a bad name however, and i'll be the first to attest why. tracks (originals) that shouldn't have been produced in the first place are remixed by someone who shouldn't be mixing anything more than a rum and coke get together and produce complete crap.

another remix i've been obsessing over is sally shapiro's jackie jackie remix. junior boys remixed the song and renamed it to jackie junior. listen to the original first, then visit the remix and connect the dots. i could do this all day!


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