Sunday, September 28, 2003


my friend emi, who lived in japan for 2 yrs, came by this evening. it was great to see her. one of my best friends for sure. she brought me a few gifts from japan. one was this shirt:


good afternoon i am a picnic

the blazing sun. lens flare of hexagon.

wao! i wonder whether i will violently become.

such a day wants to run barefooted by me, and take the bath like pajamas.

let's be so. and go there!

that's what the shirt has printed on it. so next time you see some japanese writing on something, and you ask someone to read it and they say it doesn't really make sense, or it's a bit weird.. it's prolly sorta something like this. makes one wonder doesn't it.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

everybody's got a somebody! plan-B???

yesterday i went to staterBrothers. i spent 69.00+ on food. no booze, no smokes, no magazines, toilet paper, plastic dart shooting guns, or shampoo. just comida. some of those entities included $0.25 tina's burritos (16 of them total) gourmet hot dog buns, eggs, pickled peppers, frozen pizza, 5 cloves of garlic, sanwich stuff, 3.5lbs of fresh blood driping beef slices segregated into two equal size steaks. that's gonna be a goood move.

so i brought my lunch! made me two mouth watering sanwiches. one lasted the drive here and the walk to my desk, after that it was down the hatch. saving money at work lunch will allow me to spend more money on fun and games during the weekends...

so a co-worker asks me, you want to go get lunch? and i tell her that i brought a sanwich to eat and that i decided to save money on buying lunches (plus i have $0.00 in my wallet!!!) so i'd have to go to the ATM. she even complimented my sanwich, saying that it looked like a perfect sanwich!! it fit nice and snug in the ziplock bag and was proportioned perfectly with meat, chese, lettuce, and hidden jalapenos!

how she got onto the subject i have no idea, but she asked me if i had a girlfriend. i think it's cause another co-worker said "ameer's a batchelor, he's got money, his living at a batchelor pad he can pay for the girls" so that led to, her asking if i had a girlfriend. and i said no. then she continued to take what little respect i had from my co-workers and trample on me by saying nobody? you got nobody? not even a plan B???

shaking my head in shame i said yes. nobody. no plan B. i'm a loser, is that unacceptable? thing is someday i'm sure i will meet someone who considers me a plan B or C, then work my way up to their A. because as a run of the mill normal dude who's not rich or famous, i need a plan A girl in order to pick up a plan B one. there is not an option to have a plan B girl while plan A is to be a batchelor and single. that's why austin powers is so funny. that and he mocks english people.

and well today it happened. today i let my co-workers see my site. they now know of the entropy that exsists. i should clean up my act or take the words "carlton forge works" off my site just to prevent them from searching and destroying. work places are very touchy on things like this, issues concerning themselves. why? i dunno. extraconcervativeness is a word i made up just for this instance.

termites eat wood 2x faster when listening to rock music - snapple lid.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


as an engineer, i have been taught to work with the different patterns in nature in order to find the most efficient (get the most for the least) method to live by. now i spend about 1.5 hrs a day on the freeway. noticing the patterns of individual drivers, as well as the freeway as a whole.

my perception is that it acts just as a pipe with water flowing through it. it couldn't be air, since air is compressible, and cars are not compressible just as water is not compressible.

here are my findings:

1. when you drive next to someone, they automatically speed up. even if the car in front of them is closer to them than the car in front of you. nobody likes to be driving next to someone. but they don't think about it.

2. when cruising, and all of a sudden coming to a stop, people feel the need to switch lanes in order to gain 1-3 car lengths, from the position that they'd be in if they had not switched lanes. but then 1 min later, the car that was behind them, is now 5-6 cars in front of them because in stop and go traffic, all cars move at the same speed, just at different times.

3. when you want to cut in front of someone, the only way to do it is with speed. keep your car behind them, don't pull up next to them, because instinctually they will speed up and close the gap between their car and the one in front of their car (your desired position). when you see your opportunity, speed up and pass them with a significantly higher speed then the one they are cruising at, so they have no chance to speed up and usually don't since they will just create an unsafe situaiton instead of just blocking you from their lane. and take the spot.

4. what i just wrote, is the reason traffic doesn't go as smooth as it could. if traffic on the freeway was like water, we'd all be courteous, we'd take turns merging, and we'd be kind instead of ruthless, recless, and thoughtless. intelligence is definately not reflected through driving. or maybe it is? maybe that's when the true personality comes out? nobody is there telling them what to do or influencing them, and somehow it's not so easy to inconspicuously look at someone without them noticing that you looking at them are while driving, so many people don't.


if we all took our time, and didn't try to cut everyone off and flowed a bit more like water instead of a pack of dogs jumping all over each other we'd get home that 2mins and 17secs earlier... regardless it just doesn't matter, and it really pisses everyone off to just sit on the freeway going 25mph in a 65mph zone.

i should start driving a motorcycle. cause then i'll be able to go in the carpool lane and inbetween cars, and it's legal! but i also think you die earlier if you ride a motorcycle... hmph.

Sunday, September 21, 2003


had a party last night, i like partys. especially ones that i get to go to. since i threw this one, well helped throw it, i got to go. $79.72 got me 15 ice cold gallons of budlight, which i shared with anyone who came.

that list included 2 kids from san diego: hong and gene. gotta love those two.

there's this weird thing that happens at partys. everyone from all aspects of your life are represented. co-workers, highschool friends, college people, random aquaintences, and the people you see everytime you decide you want to have a good fun night. it's normal to see each person in different places, times, and situations. when they are all together... mingling among eachother, it's a weird place to be. but it's a nice place to be. i think i'll revisit it again. having partys is hard work, and clean up is a bitch, so is prep. is it all worth it in the end? i think so.

(insert transition here) the world (my world) did as it does everyday, it changed. this time, the change is permanent. will never be the same. i will never be the same. he had without a doubt in my mind, the purest, biggest, most naive, forgiving, childlike, heart. i don't think he spend a combined minute of his life upset, angry, or mad at anybody or thing. there's nothing i could have done to lose his trust, and it's a fact that he'd take a bullet, or one hundred bullets if that was the case for me. i'm really going to miss him. but 13 years ago, i didn't know that one being could be so genuine and unselfish (except when it came to food, he could eat like a horse, or a horse, whatevers bigger) but that only added to the personality. he loved me, i loved him.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

ramble ramble

gonna ramble here:

so excited about getting a carbon fiber hood for my prelude, and one piece headlights. i apreciate that dorkyness stuff.. sure the car won't get better gas mileage, be faster, be more comfortable, sound better, or increase value. but it will make it just a smidge more fun to drive, and that's all i desire.

as far as work goes, i had a small part in a pretty big important presentation and well it went better than expected. as a result my boss came in and dropped 3 ben franklins on my desk for a job well done. i feel like i may have contributed 10% or less to the whole thing, but i was rewarded just as well as the guys who broke their backs getting this done. someday i'm sure i'll be training the new guy and do the 50% of the presentation while he coasts thru, but that's way down the line.

mom's coming to see my house saturday. i'm pretty ashamed of it, it's really...well batchelor pad-like. my room isn't so bad but i don't think she'll take so well to the huge stack of playboy magazines in the bathroom, or the mound of cigarette butts in the front planter, she may be appauled by the sticky spots on the tile floor, or the ashes covering the coffee table due to hookah coals. but we're going to make my room look nice! wait for pics =)

i've noticed green is my color. not to wear necessarily, but to have. i got a green room, green car, green thumb (i wish), soon i'll have a green bed, with green curtians and green hamper to match my green trashcan. gonna get a green clock and paint my stool green. daves loves green too. but i don't do the weed thing, i'm not a fan of the sticky green which one would think initiated my lust towards the combination of yellow and blue?

i'm trying to grow a little "soul patch" i'll update my webcam pic (and archives) soon enough, since i'm so lazy and well moving has caused me to not be on the internet so much as i'm on the freeway (15min commute has been replaced by 50-70min commute)

oh, and i bought 16candles yesterday! anthony michael hall is my hero in that flick... he deems himself "king of the dipshits" in the flick. then later tells the most desired senior in highschool (while he's a freshman) how to get chicks, and makes a breakfast martini for the both of them. i think in my former life i was that cool, cause now i'm so not king of the dipshits, more like normal dipshit.

Monday, September 15, 2003


i'm not talking rent-a-car. i'm talking budgeting my own personal cash flow. the ins and outs of dollar signs to my own personal washington mutual free checking bank accnt.

i just spent $37.00 on cell phone accessories (i broke the antenna off my case, so i needed a new one) but then decided a red holster for $.01 (5.95 shipping) and a $3.99 ( 5.99 shipping!!) hands free kit thingy. pretty horrible how things add up. i mean 37 dollars is actually quite a bit of money and i just pissed it away on stupid cell phone stuff... not to mention i bought another case, broke the lcd trying to replace it (cost me $80.00 for an LCD and $40.00 to put the case on) man how much am i spending on this contraption that virtually nobody uses to contact me?? over $150.00!! and for what? a

red case and the thing is about this red case....

it's busted... how lame is that....

so i'm wondering how do i make all this money yet have none to buy cool junk. well there it is ladies and gentlemen, there's my cool stuff. i kno i'm lame i'm an idiot you got me i'm hongshin. (he used to say that in H.S. alllll the time)

but yea. as of today, stupid purchases will either be taken account for, or will be thought through a bit more so that i either have money or know what stupid places mine ended up at. i guess that's all i can say i learned about this today.

btw, big fiesta at mi casa on the 20th, come by, ask for directs. it'll be fun. maybe a girl or two will even show up?! who knows!

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

comments are back!!!

Monday, September 8, 2003


i'm sitting in contemplation... do i go for a jog, or do i sit here and play with my computer? i did install a KVM on my two comptuers it's pretty cool... the vid takes a bit to download.. just be patient, it's so worth it, in a nerdy way.

birthdays are fun, gene had tons of fun during adam's birthday. as you can see

adam got his voice back, and is sure using it here.

i love going to san diego. it's so nice to go to and feel as though i too don't have a job and don't worry about things, and just hang out and have fun.

back to the jogging thing... i clocked out on the way to work that it's 0.7 miles to the end of the street that we live on. so there and back is 1.4 miles. that's almost a mile and a half!!! what a good start to my "great body goal" (i plan on being a ruff and tuff buff guy end of the year. or so) so jogging will rid me of my fatty belly and love handles (whom nobody really loves)

that's it, i'm going to do it! i'm off to jog! PEACE OUT LATES!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2003

change of lifestyle

last week i had nobody to come home to. now i have 3 roomates, a garage and a backyard. and above all my room is painted green. i've gotten motivation now, i'm back on my computer doing things that are productive instead of things that are destructive.

speaking of destructive, my car.... deborah... she got in an accident.

she needs some work. some TLC. but i figure that she'll come back with a vengance!

as will i, once i get drapes in my room =)