Monday, September 15, 2003


i'm not talking rent-a-car. i'm talking budgeting my own personal cash flow. the ins and outs of dollar signs to my own personal washington mutual free checking bank accnt.

i just spent $37.00 on cell phone accessories (i broke the antenna off my case, so i needed a new one) but then decided a red holster for $.01 (5.95 shipping) and a $3.99 ( 5.99 shipping!!) hands free kit thingy. pretty horrible how things add up. i mean 37 dollars is actually quite a bit of money and i just pissed it away on stupid cell phone stuff... not to mention i bought another case, broke the lcd trying to replace it (cost me $80.00 for an LCD and $40.00 to put the case on) man how much am i spending on this contraption that virtually nobody uses to contact me?? over $150.00!! and for what? a

red case and the thing is about this red case....

it's busted... how lame is that....

so i'm wondering how do i make all this money yet have none to buy cool junk. well there it is ladies and gentlemen, there's my cool stuff. i kno i'm lame i'm an idiot you got me i'm hongshin. (he used to say that in H.S. alllll the time)

but yea. as of today, stupid purchases will either be taken account for, or will be thought through a bit more so that i either have money or know what stupid places mine ended up at. i guess that's all i can say i learned about this today.

btw, big fiesta at mi casa on the 20th, come by, ask for directs. it'll be fun. maybe a girl or two will even show up?! who knows!


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