Thursday, September 25, 2003

everybody's got a somebody! plan-B???

yesterday i went to staterBrothers. i spent 69.00+ on food. no booze, no smokes, no magazines, toilet paper, plastic dart shooting guns, or shampoo. just comida. some of those entities included $0.25 tina's burritos (16 of them total) gourmet hot dog buns, eggs, pickled peppers, frozen pizza, 5 cloves of garlic, sanwich stuff, 3.5lbs of fresh blood driping beef slices segregated into two equal size steaks. that's gonna be a goood move.

so i brought my lunch! made me two mouth watering sanwiches. one lasted the drive here and the walk to my desk, after that it was down the hatch. saving money at work lunch will allow me to spend more money on fun and games during the weekends...

so a co-worker asks me, you want to go get lunch? and i tell her that i brought a sanwich to eat and that i decided to save money on buying lunches (plus i have $0.00 in my wallet!!!) so i'd have to go to the ATM. she even complimented my sanwich, saying that it looked like a perfect sanwich!! it fit nice and snug in the ziplock bag and was proportioned perfectly with meat, chese, lettuce, and hidden jalapenos!

how she got onto the subject i have no idea, but she asked me if i had a girlfriend. i think it's cause another co-worker said "ameer's a batchelor, he's got money, his living at a batchelor pad he can pay for the girls" so that led to, her asking if i had a girlfriend. and i said no. then she continued to take what little respect i had from my co-workers and trample on me by saying nobody? you got nobody? not even a plan B???

shaking my head in shame i said yes. nobody. no plan B. i'm a loser, is that unacceptable? thing is someday i'm sure i will meet someone who considers me a plan B or C, then work my way up to their A. because as a run of the mill normal dude who's not rich or famous, i need a plan A girl in order to pick up a plan B one. there is not an option to have a plan B girl while plan A is to be a batchelor and single. that's why austin powers is so funny. that and he mocks english people.

and well today it happened. today i let my co-workers see my site. they now know of the entropy that exsists. i should clean up my act or take the words "carlton forge works" off my site just to prevent them from searching and destroying. work places are very touchy on things like this, issues concerning themselves. why? i dunno. extraconcervativeness is a word i made up just for this instance.

termites eat wood 2x faster when listening to rock music - snapple lid.


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