Monday, September 8, 2003


i'm sitting in contemplation... do i go for a jog, or do i sit here and play with my computer? i did install a KVM on my two comptuers it's pretty cool... the vid takes a bit to download.. just be patient, it's so worth it, in a nerdy way.

birthdays are fun, gene had tons of fun during adam's birthday. as you can see

adam got his voice back, and is sure using it here.

i love going to san diego. it's so nice to go to and feel as though i too don't have a job and don't worry about things, and just hang out and have fun.

back to the jogging thing... i clocked out on the way to work that it's 0.7 miles to the end of the street that we live on. so there and back is 1.4 miles. that's almost a mile and a half!!! what a good start to my "great body goal" (i plan on being a ruff and tuff buff guy end of the year. or so) so jogging will rid me of my fatty belly and love handles (whom nobody really loves)

that's it, i'm going to do it! i'm off to jog! PEACE OUT LATES!!!


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