Sunday, September 21, 2003


had a party last night, i like partys. especially ones that i get to go to. since i threw this one, well helped throw it, i got to go. $79.72 got me 15 ice cold gallons of budlight, which i shared with anyone who came.

that list included 2 kids from san diego: hong and gene. gotta love those two.

there's this weird thing that happens at partys. everyone from all aspects of your life are represented. co-workers, highschool friends, college people, random aquaintences, and the people you see everytime you decide you want to have a good fun night. it's normal to see each person in different places, times, and situations. when they are all together... mingling among eachother, it's a weird place to be. but it's a nice place to be. i think i'll revisit it again. having partys is hard work, and clean up is a bitch, so is prep. is it all worth it in the end? i think so.

(insert transition here) the world (my world) did as it does everyday, it changed. this time, the change is permanent. will never be the same. i will never be the same. he had without a doubt in my mind, the purest, biggest, most naive, forgiving, childlike, heart. i don't think he spend a combined minute of his life upset, angry, or mad at anybody or thing. there's nothing i could have done to lose his trust, and it's a fact that he'd take a bullet, or one hundred bullets if that was the case for me. i'm really going to miss him. but 13 years ago, i didn't know that one being could be so genuine and unselfish (except when it came to food, he could eat like a horse, or a horse, whatevers bigger) but that only added to the personality. he loved me, i loved him.


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