Thursday, September 18, 2003

ramble ramble

gonna ramble here:

so excited about getting a carbon fiber hood for my prelude, and one piece headlights. i apreciate that dorkyness stuff.. sure the car won't get better gas mileage, be faster, be more comfortable, sound better, or increase value. but it will make it just a smidge more fun to drive, and that's all i desire.

as far as work goes, i had a small part in a pretty big important presentation and well it went better than expected. as a result my boss came in and dropped 3 ben franklins on my desk for a job well done. i feel like i may have contributed 10% or less to the whole thing, but i was rewarded just as well as the guys who broke their backs getting this done. someday i'm sure i'll be training the new guy and do the 50% of the presentation while he coasts thru, but that's way down the line.

mom's coming to see my house saturday. i'm pretty ashamed of it, it's really...well batchelor pad-like. my room isn't so bad but i don't think she'll take so well to the huge stack of playboy magazines in the bathroom, or the mound of cigarette butts in the front planter, she may be appauled by the sticky spots on the tile floor, or the ashes covering the coffee table due to hookah coals. but we're going to make my room look nice! wait for pics =)

i've noticed green is my color. not to wear necessarily, but to have. i got a green room, green car, green thumb (i wish), soon i'll have a green bed, with green curtians and green hamper to match my green trashcan. gonna get a green clock and paint my stool green. daves loves green too. but i don't do the weed thing, i'm not a fan of the sticky green which one would think initiated my lust towards the combination of yellow and blue?

i'm trying to grow a little "soul patch" i'll update my webcam pic (and archives) soon enough, since i'm so lazy and well moving has caused me to not be on the internet so much as i'm on the freeway (15min commute has been replaced by 50-70min commute)

oh, and i bought 16candles yesterday! anthony michael hall is my hero in that flick... he deems himself "king of the dipshits" in the flick. then later tells the most desired senior in highschool (while he's a freshman) how to get chicks, and makes a breakfast martini for the both of them. i think in my former life i was that cool, cause now i'm so not king of the dipshits, more like normal dipshit.


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