Monday, August 18, 2003

what people say

at my work, we have these meetings. every tuesday. they call them "leadership meetings". everyone's invited. the president of the company usually attends and conducts them. they teach sayings. the company is run on sayings. instead of laying cut and dry rules, we have sayings. most of the sayings are based on common sense. they teach these sayings, and thus teach the way of the company.

the company is run on sayings.

some say that they sayings apply to everyday life. some say the sayings apply to work only. some think it's crap. some live off the stuff.

me, where am i on the situation? can't answer that, since i've only attended 2 meetings.

but what do i think about running a company on philosophical ideas? who knows... people totally live they're own lives by these values... so it could happen.

so i started to think of what sayings that i like to say. i always bust them on people, and then here i am i forgot what it is i say! so then today i decided to write them down. i'm gonna keep a book or something or document them...

you can't catch a fish, if you're hook's not in the water

that's a favorite of mine. dunno why... dad said it. someone else may have also.

it's night time, bed time.


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