Wednesday, August 6, 2003

my job and the web

i've been getting quite a bit of hits to my web site from the search words "name of my company here" which apparently is where i work!

i'd like to say first off that i'm not representing the company at all with my website, but i'm guessing that the people searching google or yahoo or excite or are those poor recent grads who haven't found jobs quite yet.

i've been there, and that place (being unemployed) SUCKS.

so i'm out to help, if anyone does read this and they can't find info about my job's company, (cause we don't have a website, actually they don't have anything really on the internet acout the company) -5/14/2004 my boss asked me to delete the company's name because he didn't like me being the only thing on the net traced back to my company. so i have taken it back.

here's the basics. it's a small company 200-250 employees.

the company is not your regular company, it's unconventional, but in a good way, they use common sense here, i guess, that's a way to put it.

i'm in the quality dept, and they're training me to be a metallurgist.

this is a privately owned company (that means no stock market stuff)

it's in paramount CA, which is 3 miles east of compton... but this place is safe, no worries about that.

any other info you'd want to know email me. my email is in my little profile thing on the right, you have to delete part of it cause i'm anti getting spam (they have programs that search websites you know)

other combinations of words that have taken search engine users to my site are for example "up to ears in boobs" these people may not find exactly what they're looking for on this site. but i welcome you to come and read my site


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