Tuesday, August 26, 2003


why is it that sleep sneaks up on us in the most worstest times. say in class. man i've dozed off in my share of classes. just sit there, no talking. put your pen down for a sec, rub your eyes. and soon it's sideways head, tounge out, snoring, drooling, and EVERYONE watching. so what, that's not so bad, besides some humiliation. now if the teacher sees you that's another story.

Now. at work it's totally different. man, i fight at work my hardest, to stay up and awake and alert and not look like i'm tired as heck. BUT today i fail. as i write this i'm taking the longest blinks one can possibly take before he just has closed eyes. stretching helps, rubbing my eyes makes me wanna just pass out. i'd pay, i'd so pay to just get to my house right now and in my bed within the next 2 minutes. focusing on the screen is becoming more and more difficult. it's cold in here, that's kinda keeping me up, but MAN i can't stay awake. and i have been in this phase more than one time before... i am so familiar with where i am yet how do i cope with it?

who the hell knows. but there is one thing i do know. at 4:30 when i leavee.... i'll have SO much energy to go here and there and do this and that. instead of going home and doing that which i'd love to do more than anythingg else: sleep.

so am i really sleepy at work, or am i just bored out of my mind. could be both.


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