Thursday, August 14, 2003

the living quarters....

i'm moving yet again. three months after moving into my own appt, here at porto bella, i'm moving out. so many people haven't seen this place that i think should have. so i'm posting it now, for your enjoyment of how 'intresting' my life can be.

this is my living room

this is the other side of the same room (note the ghetto A/C unit on a stool that leaks so there's a bucket that collects the water. =(

hand me down couch. with an end table for a coffee table.

the fridge that is just too big, and the damn dolly it rode in on.

what a beautiful kitchen!

the too small fridge and it's little buddy the microwave

it's almost sad isn't it.

now this IS sad. condiments anyone? note the rooster sauce is there, and on the edge for quick access. that's a bag of peas in the fridge.

out my door.

ladies calm down, but yes ameer does sleep here.

there's turntables there i swear.

el bano, si!

that's my place... it's hot as shit and it's shit. all the water faucet knobs are backwards, ex, hot is cold

this place spits in thermodynamic's face, it actually creates heat, yes from nothing, heat is created. so i got two a/c units, and put them in the two windows i have, the other one has a huge fridge by it.

casa de navidi soon to be no more, i'd rather live with 3 sloppy smelly fat men that pick their butts and eat pizza. costa mesa here i come!


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