Monday, June 2, 2003

"fag hags"

Disclaimer: the following post is based a little bit on personal experience and mainly on stereotypes, which doesn't make it 100% wrong or 100% right. it lingers somewhere in the middle.

in a recent undocumented poll i happen to notice that my closer friends of the female kind happen to really enjoy hanging out with gay men which deems them the name: fag hags. it is undesireable to have an alarmingly high number of fag hag friends that it puts me into two positions.

-one, the major population deems me gay thys the girls i'm hanging out with are just waiting for my grand exit from the closet.

-two, i have earned the official title of fag hag hag, since i long to hang out with woment who long to hang out with gay men.

this poll started after a short conversation with one of my "fag hag" friends that was starting to get upset with her "fag" (i realize that this is not the nicest, politically correct word to use but it fits the story, no offense intended) it was her realizing that her gay friend wasn't all as fun as the ever so popular show will and grace depicted. at a point it was actually annoying her, and that's where i looked for the reason she was so intrested in haning out with the gay friend. was it because he was gay? or was it based soley on his distinct magnetic and fun-loving personality?

you're now thinking: yea, i got lots of time on my hands in which i do just this, i could have just sat in front of the TV and put a bit more mold on my brain but i instead decided to play bejeweled on my handheld computer till i came up with a topic to write about in my blog that was not only eye opening but also entertaining.

here's the breakdown of my thought process:

-gay men don't do chicks.

-girls don't feel sexual tension with gay guys because of this.

-girls love attention.

-girls love attention from guys

-gay men take care of themselves and look cute

-girls love attention from cute guys

-gay men love attention.

-gay men and girls give each other attention and affection and there's no sexual tension.

-both check out other guys together, which is fun.

straight guys would give the wrong impression, cause if a straight guy is being nice to a girl she automatically thinks that he wants her in bed. she could be getting the wrong impression.

so complex? i don't know... do women also fantasize about watching/interacting with two men engaging in sexual activities?

quick synopsis of the male mind:

-lesbians like chicks.

-two chicks doing it is hot.

-doing it with two chicks is even hotter.

that's why a guy would want to hang out with lesbians.

and why a girl would want to hang out with a gay man.


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