Monday, June 9, 2003

best friend

such an akward phrase.

[definition, according to ]

best:One that surpasses all others.

friend: A person you know well and regard with affection and trust

i find myself thinking about friends a bit these days. who are my real friends? there has been many people in my life who i have called "friend". this is not such a strange thing. there are plenty of people who have liked someone and called them friend, but then after time, a bit down the road found them to not really be a friend. in my case it's not different, i've had people betray me and i've betrayed others. friendships come and gone.

i've also had friendships which i feel are simply out of courtesy. or i disliked someone and i didn't have the heart to say that i didn't really like being their friend. in result i suspected the friendship to just die out because you can't have a one way friendship. when before i know it i'm wonderin how did i ever feel that way towards this person, because i consider them such an asset to my life these days.

so what? time can take you on a whirl, things don't come out as we'd once suspected. that's no new news.

but what is a topic on my little mind is the best friend concept.

if we talk longest friendship then that's one thing.

or else we could explore the friend who knows all your dark secrets.

there are friends who we spend the most time with.

friends whom you most admire.

friends who are more along the lines of a brother/sister than a person outside of the family.

each friendship has a different way of going about.

sometimes i'll not see a friend for years, and call them out of the blue and when we hang out it's as if we saw each other yesterday. there's other friendships that are very sensitive. if a week or two go by then the connection regresses. the friendship has to ease back to the state it was once at, which only happens with time. there's those friendships that are driven on sex, one person finds the other person irresistible and befriends the other... then as the friendship progresses one party is thinking that they're getting closer to finally tasting the fruit that they've worked so hard to taste. while the other party sees a wolf in sheeps clothing. many times it's too late and the wolf makes his kill.. the friendship that is.

of all these different types of friends how is one to choose a "best"? is one better than the other? different things come about from different relationships.

sometime the friend is also a lover, does that omit them or does it by default place them at the no. 1 position?

i've given this a bit of thought initiated by those akward times of hearing someone i consider "one of my best friends" say "oh yea you know _____, my best friend"... and when i do the same.

who is my best friend?

does it change like my best moment in time? like my best song? like my best gpa?

is my best friend my future to be wife?

can my best friend be my dog? does he consider me his best friend or does he just like everybody the same?

after lots of thought i did come up with who my best friend is...

it's a he.

i've known him all my life, he's a lot like me. we don't kick it the most of all my friends, but we don't have to... we're cool like that. when i need help, he's got my back, and i've got his back anytime, you name it. i can't remember the last time i saw him and wasn't forced to crack a smile just cause i know he's my best friend. it took me till about now to realize, but it's ok i got my whole life to know and take advantage of this. some people go around changing best friends like dirty socks... they'll never know what i know. and i owe it to my dad, my best friend.


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