Wednesday, June 18, 2003

girls and boobs

i'm not serious about anything. i take life like it comes to me, and when something serious comes along, it's only as serious as i take it. even death, that's serious, but only if you make it out to be serious.

i was thinking how sometimes we feel like nobody knows, like nobody's lost as i've lost, and nobody's been lonely like me, and nobody's loved something like i've loved something, and nobody's been loved as much as i have been loved... but no, people do. every day. every day people go thru what i go thru, people re-experience things that i have already "discovered"

and the only difference between them and me is what we do, our reaction.

elaborating on that would have been a deep abstract theoretical monologue.

while thinking about that nancy was thinking about girls and boobs, and what they have in common...

both are fun to squish

both look good

both imply bad things

both require attention

both get lots of attention

both have nipples

both get you into trouble

both like jason mraz

both bruise eaisly

both can be much more pain and trouble than they're worth

both can surprise you when you "actually see" them

what they don't have in common:

boobs know what they want and understand their purpose here for this life, girls on the other hand ________.


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