Thursday, June 5, 2003

ze ex girlfriend

i have officially named my new place "the brick" even though i'm not sure that i even have a brick anywhere... It's based on the song: she's a brick house.

But i was thinking (yea, somehow i got a carrot raised in front of the hamster while he was in the wheel) and i have always mis-judged the power of the ex-lover. I now realize that any girl from the time i started college till the day i die, will have a certian undesireable 'power' over me (coleen excluded because her existance proves that cool chicks are not just fantasy)

this power i speak of is not equivalent to the power of a girlfriend. girlfriends have a completely different power, they can make a grown man buy tickets to rent on their own will, and go watch it all dressed up as well. Their power is known as 'you won't get any' power.

Ex girlfriends have a more discrete power over my fellow males, their power is almost undetected as well. until it's too late... they put you in that spot where you think that they should care, and you know that they're still caring about you/your life/your accomplishments/etc... but they hide it so well. they put you in that spot, a spot that is just foreign and unpredictable.

sure guys have the power to make a girl work out till she's as fit as a playboy centerfold so when she sees the guy who dumped her he'll kick is own ass for breaking up with the 20lb heavier version of his ex-girlfriend.

----------train wreck of thought----------

as of lately i've been a bit stressed, don't know why stress has gotten to me, or maybe it's anxiety... well either way i was talking to a fellow co-worker the other day and he was talking about signs.... and how you see signs you are supposed to see, then i read a few blogs and each one mentions the word ainxiety. coincidence, i think so, but man what the heck, i was feelin like ishbalikala yesterday with no regular flu/cold symptoms... i never have really been stressed out, i can keep cool, but with the passing away of my favorite aunt anita, and moving into my own place coupled with working stresses that i've never dealt with before, i can see that i may have had a bit of ainxiety. i've never had someone so close to me die. and i saw her the day before in the ICU she wasn't doing so well...

today is better, and tomorrow i get a key to a place that i can call home for at least the next 6 months. which sounds oh so good to me right about now... in fact my next post will probably be from the beautiful norwalk appartment that i'll be renting out starting tomorrow. yea it's a big leaf but i'm turning it over!


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