Friday, May 30, 2003


who's your favorite girl on friends? (of course the TV show, what else would i be talking about) Ask any guy, he'll tell you that his favorite is rachael. I mean the one guy who could have any girl he wants (brad pitt) chose her (as far as i know they are/were married i don't keep up with celeb lives, i try to stray from it because supporting the paparazzi is wrong and immoral people who buy the national enquirer should die and have their toe nails pulled off with rusty pliers, well before they die.)

and of the guys on the show, ross for sure is the weird looking/goofy/non social one. So HOW does he end up dating/having a baby with her? It never works out that way. The cute girl in the group usually finds some loser that looks like he's not one, yet is behind his mysterious exterior which both he and the cute girl hide from the close knit group of friends. But ross is that guy in the group who is a loser and has no mysterious exterior cause everyone knows him from the beginning, and they all know this & wouldn't approve of him for her anyway, or her for him if she's the "i get around" type of girl... it never happens that way.

From my experience, if anything rachael would hook up with joey, they'd bone for a bit, then that's it while chandler and ross totally are sprung for her but never get any.

Phoebe on the other hand is my favorite. She plays the ditzy role (which i look past, because its just for slapstick, and america eats up slapsick for lunch dinner and breakfast, sometimes brunch) but she also is that girl who's into different & new things. Her personality is strong and she has passions unlike the other girls. She isn't made to look as pretty as in other films either for what reason i dunno i don't analyze friends THAT much. more than that where am i going with this? I dunno?

but yea how does ross get the hot one? there must be nerds writing this fantasy land script, I'm usually the ross, that's why... the one who likes nerdy things and went to school and has dorky hobbies, but somehow someone allows him to get all the girls..


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