Friday, May 2, 2003

sex vs. sexes

I think girls are smarter than guys.

In grade school the girls get better grades, are more responsible.

Boys in general are not as smart, or don't perform as well as girls do (which isn't the same thing), but after puberty girls start to realize "their place" in our society (so i'm observing, could be wrong like i always am)...

This is when they focus on being pretty, popular, and getting "the cute" boy comes into their head instead of their more natural goal oriented hard working previous lifestyle. (pre puberty)

then conversly, boys get their ideas about their "place/role" in society and start to evolve into leaders and competitive business men.

I just remember that the girls in 1st grade were way smarter than the boys... Maybe they just mature faster?

what happens between 1st grade and the real world?

not on the same subject?

Guys want to reverse the sex roles.

they are sick of being the instigator. Through history women were persued and men were persuers. But in this day of equality and "understanding" things are ready for a change.

Watching a beer commercial i saw these guys fantasize about some beautiful girls with great boobs argue about great taste vs. Less filling, they switch it up next, the guy's got a new reviesed fantasy

they flash to the girl with great boobs kicking his ass in a fountian... He loved it! Heck i would...

but that's what's interesting.

in nature, mammals similar to us just mate and it never changes. there's no futzing around with the idea... the male loafs all day, he's got a pack of girls whom he impregnates in order to keep the pack going. But he's got to instigate sex with the different girls. when he gets old, a new guy comes along and challenges him, if the new guy wins he's got that guy's women. nowadays, guys don't want to even do that. They want women to tend to all the "womenly" duties, but also be agressive and go after their men. maybe it's just the different is better mentality of the 2000's

i like agressive girls, it's hot to find a girl who knows what or who they want. most guys think that i spose. but then i also enjoy "the chase" of winning a girl over (although i've been told that sometimes i'm so smooth that i've already done that without effort) and if you believe that i've got land in florida to sell you!!


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