Tuesday, May 27, 2003

life on hold

ive been living the last 3 months simply on hold. No the last 5 months. First i decided that life would start when i got myself a job. This took me 2 months. Then, i post-poned life another 3 months after getting a job, this time in need of my own appt.

Well in two weeks my own appt will be here. but will life start then? What is life 'starting' anyhow? Saving more money? Meeting more people?

I can say that for sure i will work on canceling out debt that i acuired during my 5.33 years of school at america's best planned city: irvine.

I did succum to purchasing an acoustic bass guitar. Of course i have no skill whatsoever, it's fun to carry around to attract attention and gather smiles. Soon i'll be taking over a world near you. My mentor is gene we'll see how much patience he's got for me in the upcoming weeks.

but life hasn't been on hold, it's kept going, my mind just hasn't been there. now it is, things won't change, i just think i'll be a bit happier.


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