Thursday, May 8, 2003

Blog 5/7/03

my very own 1bedroom appt.

ameer's current life's update:

soon, very soon i'll be moving into my own one bedroom appt. *sigh* i looked at one that was right by lakewood mall... Only problem was that there was no parking spaces available... But i think i'll go for a tour tomorrow anyhow, just to see what they got.

It's interesting, most of the people who i have talked to about getting my own place have had the same things to say. And i can see what appeals to different people.

My co workers: (30+ year old men) are commenting on being independant and not messing around w/ roomate issues and once in a while bringing girls over for some *eyebrows raising and lowering* fun.

My friends from irvine:

are just glad to have me not complaining about not having a place.

My friends from san diego: "now i'll have a place to crash!"

now MOST girls i talk to about having a place to myself immediately think about walking around naked...

It seems to be every girl's fantasy, to walk around 'in the buck'

now, what are my initial thoughts of my own place?

Playing my turntables at any time and not bothering anyone.

After talking to everyone though i now daydream about spinning while some girls *eyebrows raising and lowering* come over and walk around naked all the while my friends from san diego are crashing on the couch... I'd even stop complaining and that'd please those irvine folk.

A side note... I've gone in and joined friendster. It's most possibly the next level of the online community. I kick myself for not coming up with the idea myself. so join in and become a member, it's all about the degrees of separation.


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