Sunday, February 14, 2010

my valentine

i've always had something against valentine's day. i've accredited it to having far more 'bad' valentine's days vs. good ones, and i'm not including simply being single on 2/14/xxxx as 'bad'. yes, bad means bad.

however there is one thing i can always count on when mid feb rolls around to boost the spirits, and that of course is my favorite woman in the world. mommma. there isn't a v-day in my memory where mom didn't have a valentine's day card for me, and this year is no different. "what's this? i've got a card in the mail?"

i lately acquired a scanner, and figured that i better share my card with the "cool" friends to see if they really will make fun of me for getting a valentine. and yes, i am telling you that there was $100 in the card.
or maybe the card just made me feel like $100 :)


Vivian said...

i get valentine's day cards from my mom too! ain't no shame!

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