Wednesday, February 10, 2010

must share music

last night i sent this email to my friend.


i've just listened to this song 3 times back to back. i had to share it asap!

first of all 0:00 - 1:18 i know, not impressive... i sorta dislike this guys vocals and lyrics in the beginning. but it's all part of the plan.

but at 1:19 things get a bit interesting with the distorted bass line and air-y background vocals. but trust me, this isn't why i like the song. another breakdown [1:50] and you may find yourself playing air tambourine, but it takes more than some shakin' to move me (a pun right now? really ameer?)

2:22 you think that you know this song, it's honestly not bad and things are at what feels like the climax. another bridge, repeat chorus and we're done -right?


3:23 hits. and this is where i first started paying attention. everything beforehand was built up to this. the song has progressively gotten better and better, which is why i deal with the beginning minute and 18sec.

you ask yourself, where did this come from? is that piano? and then electric 80's sounding guitar? OMG! if you appreciate this song 50% as much as me then you will still be in love with it.

5:21 it's over. repeat it if you like, i did. thank you for dedicating 5:21 to me today.


then later i got this response after my friend read/listened to the attached song.

-I like that the song starts right up immediately
- no slow progression, just jumps right in.
-Not crazy about the vocals but don't dislike them either. I did find myself wondering if he was faking the Brit accent
-loved the 1:19 transition. is that sitar? i think it might be. the middle easterner in me is impressed.
-1:50 feels like the soundtrack to a dream sequence. i like it. i could almost listen to a whole song just like this. it's happy. i feel like i'm going to find myself humming it later
-3:23 wow. wow. wow. i love this. your'e absolutely right, it's very 80s, the guitar is perfection, such a simple melody. and the chorus over it has me maybe a little bit dancing in my seat, i must confess. there are so many layers to this song. i haven't heard something like this in a long time. i love choruses like this. i know, i hate to bring up a madonna reference, but it's the reason i like "Like a Prayer'. i don't generally care for the song, but i LOVE a good gospel choir. fact: i can listen to people sing on and on about religion if they sing as a gospel choir. true story. did you know there is a reality show like "American Idol" but for gospel singers only? you're welcome.

i kinda just want to rewind and listen to 3;23-onward over and over. the song started out on a sadder note, but the end is heavenly! i feel like this would have been a great song for the flying mixes, actually.

Thank you music penpal!


my friend's response was composed in realtime while listening to the song, which is the same manner that i composed my email about the song. there's few things that make me smile a big goofy "duh-huyk" smile like a solid song share.

the song can be downloaded or played
memory tapes - bicycle


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