Tuesday, February 16, 2010

acoustic covers on youtube

my brother's guilty pleasure is trashy tv. the trashier the better. during xmas break we were watching tv together with the controller in his hand. judge judy, jerry springer, jersey shore, the list goes on...

upon reflection i quickly realized that i have no televised guilty pleasure. i'm not guilty for liking the office, or spongebob squarepants. but i did realize that there is a guilty pleasure i partake in on a far too regular basis: music covers on youtube.

there have been a few major phenomenons on youtube, like the kid who played pachbel on his electric guitar and has 70MM views. or the chocolate rain kid. but those aren't my guilty pleasures. i search for and watch in their entirety amateur bedroom (mainly acoustic) covers of songs that i enjoy.

phoenix actually embedded this video on their blog, which is how i found this one. the guy is good, and the video makes you appreciate how the drums were written for this humongous song.

some people don't take themselves serious, and it's obvious they live in nowhereville usa, hence are bored.

some people are serious about their covers, they have some serious music equipment, their voices are obviously going through and effects platform, and you can see that aren't using their built in laptop computer microphones, like most of these covers.

sometimes i'll just search through the results of "acoustic cover", this is what i got during the composition of this post.

but like any guilty pleasure, i feed off of the embarrasment i feel for those sub-par performers. i can now relate to my brother's affinity for watching hair pulling trailer park couples on jerry springer.


this is adam's photo blog said...

I guess the only difference is that I feel no shame or guilt towards my "guilty pleasure," but to be fair, i dont feel much shame or guilt in general!

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