Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the guy equivalent?

Me [2:14 PM]: yo
Him [2:22 PM]: yo
Me [2:23 PM]: my friend asked "what's the guy equivalent to a single girl with cats"
Him [2:23 PM]: dude what a good question ...
Me [2:23 PM]: right?
Him [2:23 PM]: snakes?
Me [2:23 PM]: the guy who married a pillow?
baseball card collector?
action figures?
is there a pet.. fish?
steve carrel in 40yo virgin?
Him [2:25 PM]: it's not a pet because that means nurturing and responsibility of some sort which means at least some lady will buy it "he's an ogre, but he has a kitten, that means he will be a good father" it's gotta be like a fixation which = cats for women
Me [2:26 PM]: right!
Him [2:26 PM]: a fixation with no potential earning power and not suitable for casual conversation
Me [2:26 PM]: i figure like angela and kevin from the tv show, 'the office'?
Him [2:28 PM]: your friend posed an excellent question
Me [2:28 PM]: how did we not have this answer
Him [2:28 PM]: which i will happily debate with you for like 3 hours haha let's break it down fixation

Him [2:28 PM]: socially unacceptable limited peers right?
Me [2:28 PM]: we need to come to an answer general enough but specific enough... and he will never get some, ever
Him [2:29 PM]: well that's the unifier being into something that not only doesn't help in getting action but actually inhibits it but he does it anyways
Me [2:31 PM]: 1990's tech/computer geek was the cat lady equiv, but that's changed.

Him [2:39 PM]: problem is too many of these typer of guys have wives we have it easier girls are less picky?
Me [2:40 PM]: have we concluded that a man can never reach the level of cat lady equiv?

Him [2:41 PM]: the problem is for us guys we don't choose the life partner we get tricked into it. it's all look at me, i hear heels, i look good, I will go drinking/clubbing with you, and slowly the temperature of the water rises but we don't jump because we are lazy and stupid then. suddenly we're driving our kids to soccer practice that is the natural order of things
Me [2:43 PM]: hahaha
Him [2:43 PM]: that's why there are cat ladies they need to do all the enticing up front the moment they give up on that, that's it.

Me [2:43 PM]: this is an eye opener
Him [2:43 PM]: for me too i feel like we stumbled across a new geometry proof
Me [2:43 PM]: we totally did we basically discovered something as huge as time travel is possible
Him [2:44 PM]: "...and thus the right angles make these lines the same length...holy crap!" so we've essentially proven that like there is no male cat lady there are guys who are in a cat lady type position but the difference is they can always claw out of it whereas with catlady you can't. also with the guy they tend to fixate on something that honestly if they had to they could walk away from.

these conversation excerpts were taken from an intellectual discussion about worldly topics concerning the betterment of mankind. another one of the many ways i spend my precious free time.


jonyangorg said...

Geeks, DnD geeks, previously comic book geeks. The cat can be equated to action figure "collectibles." People who attend Gen Con. Speaking of which, we should go...

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