Monday, October 4, 2004

moving up!

i normally don’t post “this is what i did” entries on this website. i’ve saved that for the millions of other bloggers mainly between the ages of 10 and 17. i guess their readers are interested in what flavor of cold stone ice cream they chose to buy, and how boring class was.

well i did embark on somewhat of an adventure within the past week, and i feel that needs to be documented. it all started out tuesday around 2pm in costa mesa (my place of residence at the time) a friend of mine showed up to the house with his pickup truck and guitar.

before anything was to be done, fank’s philly cheese steaks had to be consumed. and i’m talking good ass cheese steak sandwiches!!! more on that later down the road, (literally).

packing your entire life into a car and a pickup isn’t the most fun/easy thing to do, but things gotta get done and moreso things need to be thrown away! and throw away i did! it’s tough to go thru the sentimental box of stuff that you haven’t touched since you last moved and actually throw stuff out, but i did it.

at around 11pm on tuesday night my life was packed away with room to spare, a quick powernap and we’re off!!! my friend and i left the costa mesa dwelling at 1am, bound for san luis obispo. with walkie talkies, ipods, and plenty of beef jerky we made it to my sister’s apartment in san luis obispo at approximately 5:30am, asleep by 6.

9am general hospital had to be watched so the girls were up (my sister and her roommates) luckily they all had 11 am classes so peace once again settled in the 2 bedroom appt, and more sleep was acquired.

about 4pm we headed up again, this time we were san jose bound. vicki and karen readily awaited our arrival. who wouldn’t be ecstatic about me moving into their living room with all my bins of clothes, turntables in boxes, and bigfat computer with desk… about 7:30 we showed up, just in time for “supper club”, a weekly wed meeting that vicki, karen, and 3-4 other girls meet up and eat then talk about girly things. this week’s topic was a highschool friend’s recent proposal.

after packing my room into the commonspace of the 2 bedroom appt i received a call from a friend living in actual san francisco, not san jose, and if you’ve been in a hole for the past decade, san francisco is where i’m planning to reside. she invited us to come up, and offered a drink at a bar. 1 more hr of driving? we’re down!

all the while i had one thought left in my head. i left something in costa mesa. and it irked me to this day… how could i be so careless? that frank’s philly cheesesteak sandwich sitting in the fridge, that’s right, i ordered a large one, ate half, and left the other half to rot in the fridge i left in costa mesa. tragedy indeed.

got to sf about 11pm wed night. our journey started around 1am wed and ended at 11pm that same day. this 22hr excursion has changed my life in almost every aspect: job, friends, living situation, weather, etc… at least i can still call my mom and get some reassurance that i’m doing a-ok.

i’ve been up here for 5 days and feels as if i’ve been jobless for 3 months! i really have a heavy weight on my chest to find a job and get something settled. not to mention the fact that i left in order to live in sf and not in san jose. i’m basically in the same situation as i was in so-cal. i desired to live in la and instead i was in orange county. so i decided to move up to sf and here i am, 60 miles south of the city that i moved here to live in. but this time i’ve got a different plan of attack. not that i 100% know what that plan is, but it’s i for sure am going to attack something!

once again i apologize that this post was the “this is what i did wed” post, but in the last few years, this has probably been the most momentous wednesday that i’ve had. and i hate wednesdays!!! (see some previous post in the archives)


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