Friday, October 8, 2004

working and blogging

mac and cheese,

peas and carrots,

peanut butter and jelly,

ham and cheese,

socks and shoes,

rims and tires,

mouse and keyboard,

ameer and hot chicks,

shirts and ties,

sweet and sour,

fat and tall,

pizza and beer (somehow it's all about 2 foods)

burgers and fries!!!

these are couples, compliments of eachother. like husband and wife... they're married and will be going together forever...

now for all those technical people wondering why it is that i named this blog "working and blogging" when all know that i am indeed not employed. well my friends, i have become a voulnteer for the WCG which is the world contest, yielding the world's best of the best at the latest video games. ironically, i don't like video games! ha. wait is that irony, or is it just lame? i don't know.

but i've managed to get myself in front of a computer, even as a voulnteer! and of course, a computer at the WCG will most definately be connected to the internet. so i'm here, and i'm helping out, entering in data, logged in with admin priveledges, and checking emails/blogs.

so what do i do? i gotta work, and blog. the fact that working and blogging happen in matramony almost brings out tears of joy. and yes, i assure you that there are tears.

more on what's going on later. it's time for me to converse with some fellow WCG people intrested in games.


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