Thursday, November 21, 2002

those people

there's always those people... the ones who make your day just worth-while, when you unexpectadly see them you're excited, with hopes that you guys will hang out more often, get to know each other, become friends... they recipricate those feelings... fake plans (plans that are made and then forgotten, blown off, or flaked out on at the last minute) are made, or better yet plans to make plans are made... which is such a blatant yet always ignored sign that this person and you are and will always be but an acquaintance.

it's sad to think about, but it's true. once you come to reality about this, the less you will worry, and the more you will realize the people who are sincere about the plans that they make with you. those are friends. everyone has them... and everyone wishes that their collection is bigger than it really is.

excuse my grey outlook on the world but it's how i feel at this moment... i seem to pour all my sad and unhappy feelings into this site for some reason, it's my outlet for shitty feelings, so that when i see people's faces, i have dumped these out and i've only the happy fun feelings left over. it's like panning for gold, if anyone still does that around here.

***here's something for you math majors or (math haters) to figure out.. but don't spoil everyone's fun:



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