Monday, November 18, 2002

it's not my fault!!

somehow my blog community has fallen right in front of my face....

everyone who's writing inspires me has stopped writing, or just decided to update monthly all of a sudden. those who i'd read on a daily basis have also stopped or shown signs of just giving up...

there's always more to write. there's always something to be said. i've lost both of those though!! why? usually every three to four days while doing my daily chores of school, work, drinking, and sleeping i stumble upon a profound (what i believe is profound) idea that is worth writing about, and do so. the problem is that since 12days ago, i haven't had that profound thought... or maybe i have but i'm trying too hard.

i did watch that movie van wilder and there was a guy in that movie that sorta reminded me of an old friend. one who i don't really care for anymore, and i'm sure that he talks mad shit about me... and after that i wondered how it's strange that you can be friends with someone and then later on not be friends anymore. nothing ground shattering, just a bit of realization.

but in case you're wondering, i don't use spell check when i post to this web site for one simple reason. i don't know how to spell. and when someone does a search for something and the misspell that word just as i have, we have a commonality. and my site will pop up there since that word is found on my site and not on any others because people (should) post things that are spelled correctly. but we have a bond, i don't want to break that.

since this post licks big donkey balls i think i'll post a funny picture i took with my friends when we were on lincoln ave up in venice, CA....

this is like the opitomy of a homocide hotel:

just for kicks.


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