Saturday, November 23, 2002

in between the lines

i read the lines. in between the lines are spaces. FUCK the spaces, some people do without them, other people write their whole story there. personally i'm against that. reading in between the lines is guessing. no matter when or where, when you try to guess something, you'll get the outcome which YOU would most likely see... although, the actual outcome is determined by someone else guessing, which in turn is more than not different than your estimated outcome.

what does it all mean? forcing people to read inbetween your lines is bullshit. it's one of my damn pet peeves when someone for example is asked to the movies, and they say no i can't. i have to bla bla bla... and then the asker asks again and pleads, and blatantly says the entire eve will suck if you don't join me.. and then with a smile the askee complies and there they are, going to the movies.

when i say i don't want to go, it's because i DON'T want to go. if i feel like a maybe, i'll say maybe. if i feel yes, damn it i'll say yes... playing games, forcing others to read inbetween the lines, to read my mind through my deceptive actions and words is childish.

another thing that is my pet peeve is people who attempt to put themselves through misery to make another person "happy" that's a crock of shit. hollywood. one in ten thousand cases it works and that's what makes it such a romantic idea, but when someone says "i just want you to be happy" that's not going to make them happy. that's going to make them miserable, but they'll be miserable with a good reason. i'd much rather get dumped by someone and have that someone date a perfect suiter, than have them dump me for a sleez bag... cause then i can say that i was a good match, but not good enough. in case two my self esteem would be sub sea level since any old mushroom head will do for that person and for some reason i didn't qualify as scum bag enough, what's wrong with me??

i can't clearly state it altough the idea is clear in my mind.

maybe if i put spaces

inbetween my words

someone can see what it is i'm really trying to say

read my mind

and my words

know what i'm attempting to say

and respond in exactly the way i desire.


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