Tuesday, August 6, 2002


so here's the deal...

iv'e been thinking quite a bit about what to write here, and i've thought about tons of good entries to this journal that i would totally enjoy looking back on and reading.

yet i have documented none. why is that? i have no clue, somehow my priorities are just not oriented at my web page. that'll change i'm currently working on getting a daily picture (web cam) going.. how cool would that be! i'd be stoked!

i just gotta put the code in and stuff and then mess around with it and get lots of help from people... but ya in the mean time, i have a web cam all set up that is sometimes live from my room!!

the link is here so check me out sometime!

as a reminder to myself, my room is clean, like pretty clean, the cleanest it's been since i moved in. and my room's condition directly affects my life at that same instantaneous moment. usually my room is a disaster. i know where everything is because i left it there. and i know what piles of clothes are dirty and what piles are clean. there's always nicknacks and whatnot just hanging out in different spots but i know their purpose and have a plan for them whether it's in near future or not.

but this weekend was a weekend for me to get myself together, to take care of issues that had been put off. this past weekend was just "chill" but i did notice one thing. pressure

i'm noticing these signs.

and well i'm a sign person. listening to what the signs say is something that i believe in...

why do i believe in listening to the signs?

easy: everyday we make choices. and sometimes there's very hard choices to make, either because both outcomes are bad or both are good and you're just not sure which would be better in the long run. so what do we do? we look to the signs to direct us.

although signs are only signs because we declare them signs. this means that since we have the power to subconciously declare or disregard signs, that the signs that we see must be towards the correct decision. there are an equal number of signs each pointing to a different option for our decision in question. but there will only be a few of these signs noticed. and in noticing that sign we're lead to the correct path.


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