Monday, August 26, 2002

in japan

well here i am, in japan. it's different, but i even knew that much before coming here. coming to japan and seeing "westerners" is weird cause they all desire to do "western" things. that whole 'don't know what you got till it's gone' phrase comes into affect yet again here.

things i enjoy about japan. i'm different. lots of people here stare at me. when i look at them they turn away. except for the other different people. say for example i'm walking in a massive crowd of japanese people and i see an oncoming white person. their eyes will be fixed on me. and from their facial expression it's like they are about to talk to me. if i were to say a what's up? or a hey dude they'd prolly bust out into their life story. i was warned about this from a fella who lived in nipon for 2 years. he said that he'd never see an english speaker, and when he did he just wanted to hug them! i see that in other people. personally, i don't miss english speakers since i have english/japanese speaking friends who practically baby me. but i'm a baby so it's needed.

it's muggy here. way humid. haven't seen the sun for 2 days, but sweat like a beast.

starting to miss my friends. miss my house. miss my room. miss my phone. miss deborah, my car. don't miss work. not at all.

*key point this trip* i'm trying to find out how to load mp3's onto my new digital camera which is the size of 6 creditcards stacked on top of each other, so that i can listen to mp3's while i go bike riding thru rice patties. then take pictures of course, or maybe even 30 second .mpg movie clips with sound....

ya life's pretty hard i have to say.

so i'm having fun. we're tossing around the idea of going to korea for the weekend...

imagine telling someone that... hey let's go to korea for the weekend? sure, why not.


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