Thursday, August 15, 2002


we're so stuck on endings. why is that? i mean the single journey starts with a first step sorta thing makes each step just as important. so then why is the ending the pressure time? the ending is what has to be perfect all the time? i'm not good at endings

i'm a middle person.

the middle is usually the best, cause you realize how far you've come, and still have quite a bit to still look forward to... most people don't see things the way i do. and i'm slowly figuring that out... that's why people say "ameer's just.. ameer"

that's another entry tho, this one's all on endings.

we anticipate the best endings. endings are what we fantasize about, endings are what we worry about.

endings to school, endings to relationships, endings to dates, endings to holidays... even the end of our lives.

there's some things that i've put my heart into. and for the most part they ended on a pretty sour note, or well they ended and i was initially unhappy about the ending since it wasn't the way that i had anticipated. sure it's naive to set hopes and then dwell on them. i am/was/will be naive not on purpose! but i just had an ending. and it definately was NOT what i had anticipated. i almost imagined myself running thru a beautiful feild of knee high grass and dandelions while keeping innocent children from fallin off the edge into the pif of maturity.

instead i found myself stooped on a guilty stair in a room full of regret, with tears and sniffly noses. letting friends down really kills me. i hate missing out on what my friends are doing, it eats me up inside to miss them. and when i hurt them it kills me more. so how does the ending really turn out to this story?

endings are only defined by the person who's ready to end. like the man said, it's all relative. i say it's not over until my beautiful ending has appeared and i'm back with my hands on my hips, moving my head like a rooster back and forth, kicking my feet up high, while cheering " we are the eagles, ya ya the eagles!"

all endings are good, just need to know when to end, and when to say you're in the middle.


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