Tuesday, August 13, 2002


it's hard these days to know who's your friend and who's going to be gone the next day. after highschool i had the best feeling in the world since i had such a tight knit group of friends and was certian that we'd be that way till the end of time.

i've been surprised at who i've kept in contact with and who i've lost touch with as well. i would never have guessed the actual outcome. life's just like that tho isn't it?

so then as my college career winds down, will the same thing happen. will the people who i spend the most time with become distant memories with a bitter taste to them, and will those friendships that i was certian would die out less than a month out of school turn into a lifelong friendship?

i guess you can't really know until it's over. but this past weekend i sure was assured, about a few of my friends that is, that the future looks somewhat good as far as my friendship with them. nothing like some bad times to make you realize the good times.


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