Sunday, July 14, 2002


the math of las vegas:

+80 inital value

- 40 roulet

- 20 drinks

- 20 boxers/socks/t-shirt

+ 15 dad felt like i needed some money

+96 roulet again! thanks hong and tiff for picking winners!!!

overall not a bad weekend! besides the fact that i thougth it was more important to take the trash from the front yard to the back yard and forget my bag right there in the front yard so i had to wear the same damn clothes.. felt pretty stupid.. my family and didn't hlep me forget it either.


seeing my brother play drinking games with my mom

learning how to play blackjack, 300 dollars worth....

leaving las vegas at 6:30 am

wearing the same clothes for an entire weekend builds charachter

grape fights in a hotel room build messes

on good think about vegas is the car ride. it's long, it's boring. how could that be good? well you get to talk to whoever you're driving with... and sure i'd much rather be driving in suv packed with hot girls who think i'm the funniest, sexiest, best catch of the year batchelor. but i think i had just as much fun talking my roomate's ear off,

he asked me a question that i've not thought about tho, he said, " are you looking for a girlfriend? "

and i thought about it and wasn't sure what to say. i mean people are always keeping an eye out for that someone to just majically appear rite? but as a main priority, i have to say not really... but that's been my mentality for a while now, and it occured to me that it may be able to change. i can always change my mind. anyone can change! it's the surrounding expectations that don't change, the external taliking behind backs that comes back to your face that people fear.

if my favorite color is red, and it's been red, but then i sorta notice that i really am not liking red anymore and green is just so appealing, but still everyone thinks that red is what i still like and all my bday presents are red, mom buys me red cereal.. it's hard to change your mind and let it be public...

that's what i thought when heard the question. then i thought do i want to change my mind? i'm not sure. i'll sleep on it... that's all i really have to say about that i guess


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