Wednesday, July 10, 2002


i find myself being more of an idiot every day.

why i dunno?

i don't really have any concrete examples... i just feel that way, i feel like a fool. like the people who i interact with laugh at me for being so oblivious behind my back... i really wish people would just laugh in front of my face so that i would know what they are laughing about!!!!

went to costco today. gotta love those polish sausages!

so it's been like a week since i updated this pathetic excuse of a web site.

i've been learning Pro/E, it's a CAD (computer aided design) program,

runs about $1500.00 and is a definite skill if anyone knows how to use it,

these are the exciting things i have to write about...

being an engineer i'm unable to observe and sometimes interact with girls, which is basically the

theme of this web site and my writings.

not associating with girls also takes a negative toll on my thought process...

pathetic how independant i seem to be yet how dependant i really am. sad thing is that

the girls that i'm so dependant on have no clue whatsoever.

that makes me sad, now i know why i feel like an idiot


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