Wednesday, July 17, 2002

just a baaad day

i consider my self a pretty goofy charachter. i was talking to sticky vicki yesterday about how i strangely felt sincere when i usually make fun of the poor girl. why i felt that way i had no idea. until today hit.

normally i'm you're run of the mill joker, smartass, happy-go-lucky kinda guy who can shrug off the bad and focus on the good...

today was different. i came home from work cranky, pissed off.. i was al bundy!!!

why the heck was i so upset? nothing bad at work happened... nothing bad with me happened. and for some reason i focused only on the bad things that went wrong. my dad chewed me out today cause my car wasn't working, the passport lady said my head was too big in the picture, i got lost trying to pick up my dad's car, the bank didn't have deposit envelopes!!!

small things

the small things are what really get you goin.

*now let's focus on the good things:

at work i learned how to make an html file for my email signature, i was so excied about it that i took this picture to put in it:

i think it's funny. other's prolly won't but hey, it makes my day that much better, and damnit. it's the little things that destroy or make your day....

another thing that i found i really enjoyed was time alone... i love eveyone i chose to surround myself with, but i really enjoy time alone these days. usually i need someone to go to the store with me cause i can't go solo. now i'm dying to just chill by myself for an hr... i got to mix 4 records today and even tho that's like 15 mins, it was the best damn part of my day!

maybe tomorrow will turn into 20 mins!!!

my half empty glass is turning half full slowly.


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