Thursday, July 18, 2002


i feel that i've been pretty up to par on the flow of blogs lately.

but i haven't....

see it's like all blogs are interlinked. nobody blogs their own stuff and sticks to just that. they have at least somebody that they read about on another blog page...

so in result they are in touch with the blog community.. "web" springs to mind for more than obvious reasons.

anyhow, i've been out of the "web of blogs" just lately... like it was a really high point, then dipped, now it's picking up and i don't have a second blog wind!!!!

i do sit at work and think of things to write about, but then i "pull a naveeds" and leave that shit at work!!! damn it, this blog would have been semi intresting had i not stayed at work till i just couldn't bear to be there and then jet out at mach speed...

speaking of work, i'm gonna have to be there mighty soon, so i'm gonna peaceoutlates word to your mother and all that good stuff


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