Wednesday, March 6, 2013

live edge trestle table part 7

sometimes woodworking requires a bit of clever thinking, especially when you are dealing with the cards that you've been dealt. this knot that wasn't very firmly attached to the rest of the tree was coming more and more loose. we tried to glue it, but there was no success.

so i drilled a big fat hole in it, and the hole went all the way through to the solid table slab.

here's the hole where the dowel and glue will be inserted.

here you can see it all. the dowel will be trimmed when we get closer to doing detail work on the edge.

link to part 8


jonyangorg said...

My woodworking name would be "McDowels." (Can you tell I just went to a pun contest thing?)

choijoy said...

This is so awesome!!! Love <3

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