Wednesday, May 13, 2009

writing voice

jon told me recently that my speaking voice and writing voice are very different. my first question "allll right! woohoo!! so you mean i sound a lot smarter with my writing voice?"

"well, no"

*head droops down* "oh, okay then".

"the way you speak is very, rhythmic . i've tried to write the way you speak, but it comes out with tons of commas and hypens or dashes, it just doesn't work. it's too difficult to read"

initially i decided i'm taking this as a compliment! a highly distinguished published author (see 'rough guide to blogging' and 'exclusively chloe') can't recreate my character on paper. i'm going to interpret this as though i'm simply too complex and refined in my verbal communication style.

however, upon further review i quickly realized that i have the writing ability of a 5th grader and spell worse than one in 3rd. it's near impossible for me to have a 'smart' writing voice.

i did realize that i write almost every sentence two times when composing any form of written communication. the first time i write a sentence, it comes out just the way i'd speak it. (lots of commas, dashes, pauses, and other unreadable stylistic obstacles). then i rewrite it with my editing hat on. thank god for word processing, if we were still in typewriter days life i'm not sure what i'd do with myself.


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