Tuesday, May 19, 2009

song journal

in 2006 i started a journal that was comprised solely of songs that i admired lyrically. i would use the same pen for each entry. at the top of the page i wrote the date and the number (of entry) that this song was. i have 9 songs. there's 15 more pages so perhaps i'll continue this. the only problem i face is that i've lost the pen.

i'd put the song on repeat, pull up a webpage with they lyrics, and start writing them down neatly in my song journal.

song 1.) - 5/17/06
i remember when i first heard this song. a friend of mine had just broken up with his girlfriend. somehow during the breakup she said that she can only give him 73% at this time.

favorite lyrics "math and imagery, equates cacophony, multiplies muteness, a sum better disturbed, for silence subtracts, and shadows divide light, less than half is slight"

song 2.) 5/17/06
the electronic distortion in her voice immediately piqued my interest. there are no other instruments besides her voice and some digital filters. i'm not sure if the song is about a war between many people, or a war between two people in a relationship.

favorite lyrics "where are we? what the hell is going on? the dust has only, just begun to form, crop circles in the carpet, sinking feeling."

song 3.) 6/9/06
i've always loved this song, and remember watching the music video on mtv in the early 90's when it had just released. even today i feel that this song has a happy uppity sound with tired and defeated message. but the resolution/message is to just say f-it. i also love the light guitar part that opens the song.

favorite lyric "i wanted more, than life could ever grant me. bored by the chore, of saving face."

song 4.) 6/18/06
this is one mad love song. boy likes girl, girl doesn't necessarily say she doesn't like boy, but she doesn't say that she does either. the duo plays drums and bass that's the band, but boy do they rock!

favorite lyric "you're beating walls now you just won't quit. you play with shapes but they just won't fit. i know you love me you don't know what you like. you're watching tv i stay up all night"

song 5.) 6/19/06
i adore tegan and sara, i'm very in touch with my feminine side. this is the first song i associated with from them. the subject matter is nothing new, but the delivery is fast and fun. no really, the song is 2:21 long.

favorite lyric "when your love let's you go you only want love more, even when love wasn't what you were looking for."

song 6.) 6/21/06
gloria did a great job on this song, but cake did better. i didn't fall in love with the song until i watched an obscure japanese movie called survive style 5+. at the end, the unthinkable happens, and this song is played. cake opened this song by saying "many agendas have been spirited forward by this song" "it's only right to leave you with a little bit of false hope".

favorite lyric "i should have changed my fuckin' lock, i should have made you leave your key, if i'd have known for just one second, you'd be back to bother me"

song 7.) 7/31/06
this song swept the world and put dmb on the map permanently. it's a great love song and subtly but strongly depicts how crazy a girl can make a guy. again, simple subject but superb delivery.

favorite lyric "tied up and twisted, the way i like to be, for you, for me, come crash into me."

song 8.) 9/10/06
jason mraz has a super voice, and he's got that fun carefree 16year old girls love charisma. unfortunately that takes away from his very sharp wit. mraz takes on the personality of rand mcnally (the map maker), and travels the world experiencing fantastic adventures. the creativity alongside the witty rhyming lyrics make this song one of my favorites. he also throws in a bel biv devo poison reference at the end.

favorite lyric "i had a chance to visit the north pole but it was way too cold to smoke. oh my nose was freezing i sure could use some coughing and wheezing. so i tried it anyway and the place went up in flames. how was i supposed to know you could catch fire to the snow."

song 9.) 10/19/06
i love CSS. CSS stands for cansei de ser sexy (i got tired of being sexy), which is apparently a quote from beyonce. but this song reminds me of a youthful long distance relationship that's got some really high highs and some really low lows. and finally, the song is about making love and listening to the band that wrote about for song #4. after death from above 1979 broke up, a friend heard lovefoxx (css lead singer) say "this song is called let's make love and listen to a band that broke up".

favorite lyric "screaming your name on the microphone, going back home all alone. listen to the tunes that you gave to me, listen to them good company."


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