Monday, June 19, 2006

good and evil

good? evil?

i read lord of the flies in high school. it’s a book based on the idea that mankind is evil. without defined rules and police men with mustaches and aviator glasses, mankind will turn to violence, deceit, betrayal, murder, and revolt against ‘the man’.

is mankind evil? or is mankind good? if man was completely evil then where did these institutions of ‘good’ come from?

it’s my opinion that mankind is both, life just ain’t that simple yo! mankind is both good an evil. –what a concept.

there are conditions to this hypothesis. man is anonymously evil, and personally good.

before i elaborate, this idea is not as clear cut as one may initially think. the ideas of evil and good are too vague as it is, i’d rather use words like considerate or caring and malicious or immoral. still, i want to throw out a disclaimer that men (and women) are evil and good all at the same time.

the basic idea here is that people can be heartless towards that which they have no connection to. ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s an excuse to do the immoral act and be guilt free. a person hurled a brick thru my friend’s art studio window. he’s a starving artist, and makes money working a crappy part time job that requires he be out of the house at 4:30am. there’s a possibility that he’ll have to pay for the replacement window [$1,000.00]. i’m assuming that the people/person who threw the brick didn’t have it in for my friend, he's a nice guy. most likely it was some kid with idle time and mischief on his mind.

had the mischievous kid known my friend, he wouldn’t have smashed the window. seeing all the pain and stress he put on my friend’s head would haunt his conscience.

simply put, if the bastard brick tosser knew my friend, evil thoughts would have been overridden by good.

thus i’ve concluded that people are anonymously evil yet personally good.


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