Wednesday, June 14, 2006

apple clock

idle time

on weekdays i’m busy. i’ll hit up happy hr after work, or go out to dinner with friends or coworkers. it’s not unusual for me to stroll in the front door of my apartment at 11pm on a weekday. weekends are a different story.

i’m different from 99% of the people i know simply because i lack a significant other. since i lack this time consuming entity, my hands sit idle. idle hands normally create mischief, but mine create clocks.

i had some spare sheet metal, a dremel, a broken clock, and a weekend. what to do what to do?

i printed out an apple computers logo, and cut it out. to the right is my broken clock. the mechanism works, but the face was just a piece of paper.

i traced the paper stencil on my sheet metal

then proceeded to cut the shapes out

here it is, all cut out! this took me about 15mins or so.

this is how she’ll look when i’m all done. the mechanism is on the upper right hand corner, and the hands just stick right on to it.

i drilled a hole

then i cut out some plastic packaging material from a saw blade that just happened to be hanging around, and superglued it to the leaf.

and here’s where she sits. all done!

so those couples out there, when you’re wasting time eating bland pasta at olive garden discussing why tom hank’s hair didn’t look that good in da vinci code, rest assure that i’m not doing something similar to you. i’m probably changing the color of the apple logo on my ibook computer, or sanding a wooden chair!


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