Monday, May 30, 2005

my my my

i was talking to a friend about benny and joon, the movie. i have never seen it, but i know two very important aspects now. johnny depp is in the movie, and he has a cane.

those two bits of information i had not known prior to my friend telling me that he has the cane. he has the actual cane that mr depp used during the filming of benny and joon.

that’s just cool, movie props are great. i know thousands of geeks that would love to get their hands on the light sabre that luke used during the empire strikes back, ok even i’d like to have that.

as soon as he told me that he has the cane, i thought about what movie prop i would just love to have. the answer popped out in my head like a cartoon lightbulb appears in the comics.

i want willy wonka’s hat.

i wouldn’t wear the hat that gene wilder immortalized, well maybe around the house for a few days. i would just like to have that hat. willy wonka and his chocolate factory can be wrapped up in that weird fuzzy chocolate flavored hat.

maybe i thought about this because in the beginning of the movie, willy wonka walks with a cane –that’s my second most wanted prop, so i could have a cane duel with my friend.


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