Monday, May 23, 2005

don't worry be happy

happiness comes in spurts. regardless of who you are, everyone gets the same amount. rich people, poor people, single people and happily married with 2.5 kids and a dog people… each and every one of them get just as many happiness feelings each day.

happiness is an instantaneous feeling. happiness shows up, lifts your spirits, and then leaves you as quickly as it came. happiness doesn’t occur over an extended period of time.

now, being content is a different story.

i see struggle everywhere, struggle and dis-content. at the grocery store i notice a clerk’s defeated eyes continuing a life of struggle. as i hand three dollars to the booth attendant i see struggle and dis-content in his face. sitting on a packed bus i observe and see very few people content with their lives. i am not mistaken those who just experienced one of their ‘happy moments’ for content people. the difference is subtle yet apparent.

i have discovered my quest: contentness, the absence of struggle.

its not easy. so tough that its too hard for most people to find, instead they band-aid their misery with something that half fills the void, those jolts of happiness. it’s enough to get by.

i'm not everybody, i'm that minority breed of human being who sees the attainable and pursues it until i die or succeed. repeat, it’s not easy, but nothing of worth is.

look down, move foreword, and keep the end result focused in your sights.

i've been searching for the content/struggle-free feeling all along, i just didn’t realize what set me apart from the rest.

what exactly do i mean when i say ‘feel content with my life’? my life is not all about one thing, or one person, or one place. it’s a package deal, one item does not give the contentness that i yearn for. i also need the job of my dreams, the home of my dreams, the kids of my dreams… the life of my dreams. life is made up of multiple entities, i strive to attain all of the ones i admire.

all of these aspects shall be poured together, add some ice, shake, and filter for the perfect mix. let’s call this drink, content. goal achieved.


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