Tuesday, May 10, 2005

girls are catching up

my roommate told me in a casual conversation “girls are catching up”, it stuck in my mind.

girls are catching up to what? what did she mean? and it hit me like a ton of bricks, dropped off the empire state building, and landing on a bike with no seat. ah ha! *points to the sky* girls are catching up.

with a little bit of time and space bending and we find ourselves back to the 50’s. women wearing plaid dresses, men working in suits, every family has a single income, the leave it to beaver-type household. a man is a man, he works and his wife cooks, cleans, and raises the children. women need to learn the household duties, and look pretty. men have to make the money, put that food on the table.

a man able to provide, and a pretty woman who can cook is the 1950’s formula for happiness.

women aren’t there anymore, women are men now. women make more money than men, women are ceo’s, managers, directors, women are your boss. a woman does not need to search for her provider anymore, she is it. women are independent today, they can pay for themselves, and in some cases, others.

women haven’t dropped the expectations conjured up in the 50’s. a woman actually thinks if herself as a degenerate if she cannot cook gourmet cuisine. this is not uncommon, yet that the same woman manages a group of 10 in a high tech consulting firm.

women wear uncomfortable shoes and revealing clothes, along with makeup (which is not cheap). men keep with their simple suits and jackets. these independent women aren’t in search for a provider, they are searching for a trophy. the former trophy is now a trophy hunter.

metrosexuals, and queer eye for the straight guy are huge because of this. women can afford to be picky when choosing a man. boys, we have to take a bit better care of appearance if we want one of these new breeds of women. i see it starting with men ‘caring’ more about their styles and appearance. am i forecasting that men will be wearing makeup in the near future? who knows, but in 20 years if mac for men is the hottest thing don’t say i didn’t call it.

after realizing this i think i’ll start cutting my hair every 2 months instead of every 4.


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