Monday, February 28, 2005


What time is it? Schooled as an engineer I’ve become intimate with the term dx/dt. Delta*, is represented by the d’s. ‘x’ is the variable**, and t holds for time. Oh time, oh time, how doesth tho rely-ith on thee, let me count the ways.

The terms ‘with respect to time’ and ‘dx/dt’ mean much more to me than a math or physics word problem description.

The 4th dimension (time) is almost always overlooked, yet time produces the largest impact in any real life scenario. We like to look at things with a snapshot view, a ‘frozen in time’ perspective that exists only instantaneously. It’s easy to comprehend and understand for us. Freezing time allows us to negate the element that governs all change. Time is a concept that cannot be comprehended all at once, it’s simply too great of an idea to process in your mind.

For example, imagine a baseball player. Perfect swing form, and an unimaginable amount of power behind the bat will get him nowhere without that key element: timing. Timing just when to start that swing/power combo makes the difference between trotting the bases with fireworks and walking back to the dugout. Sports are only an example.

All too many times I feel that a conversation at the perfect time, with just the right person could change my life forever. I have these thoughts practiced and perfected, just as our baseball player's swing. Now I must wait to be pitched the opportunity to execute. I rely on time. If I rush or wait, that’s right… strike out city.

Timing is a simple enough concept to grasp. Understanding how large of an impact timing has in every aspect of existence is a different story. It is far too complex for our simple human minds to compute.

I’m praying that I’ve realized this “in time" for if I’m too late, I’ll always be just a bench warmer!

*The Greek letter symbolizing change, looks like a triangle.
**Your subject matter that changes, or varies, hence the name: variable.


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