Wednesday, February 2, 2005

get up get out and get something

on sunday i awoke to an empty apartment. the tour (see previous entry) was fun, but it’s over… and i’m home alone in this big city. what does one do when they are all alone? they go for a walk!

since the ocean can be seen from my balcony, i figure that it can’t be too far away from my house, if i walk down the street and go westward far enough, i should hit water! so i grabbed a camera, my ipod, and my sidekick (mobile phone).

after approximately 15 mins of walking i came upon this sign:

ha! i had no idea that there was a district west of the richmond district (my current district of residence. actually there’s inner and outer richmond. i’m in the outer. and this is not to be confused with the city of richmond, a new movie with samuel l jackson called coach carter takes place in the city of richmond which lies miles east of oakland, this is not the same place fyi.)

this whole outer inner district concept put me in a weird place. in southern california, west is best, east is well… not nice. the more westward you live, the more expensive and crowded it gets. this law applies in san diego, orange county, los angeles, (heck, i’ve lived in east la, and i’m telling you that santa monica, venice, etc… are definitely the inner. living in east la i felt like i was in the outer. even san jose (aka man jose) has ghetto eastern parts and huge multi million dollar homes on the west side. the west rules except for san francisco. in this city, the more east, the more expensive. the weather even gets better as you travel east which is again backwards. us outer residents get much of the ocean’s fog and clouds whereas inland, the eastern side, has more sunny days and clear skies. however yesterday was a record breaking hi temp for feb 1! 71deg f, i’ve managed to bring me some socal weather to norcal. works for me!

so i’m not in the city anymore… (back to my walk here) i’ve noticed that i’m in some park of some sort. there’s trees with meadows and flowers (mind you this is the end of january)

not knowing where i am i check out some signs, see what this sutro is that i’ve discovered…

so i guess this place used to be some sort of bath house or something. built in the year 18~~ blah blah blah… bam! i looked past the signs and what did i see??

i ventured a few more steps to better see what this was that i had come upon

awesome! i’m so stoked that i’ve found the ocean to be like this! it reminds me of la jolla! it’s almost like home.

i’ve had my fill and i’m a happy guy, until i turn to the left and realize just what it is i see in the distance…

it’s the beach! whooo hoo. i’m excited to see the beach, and since it’s a lazy sunday, i venture down the path a bit.

on the way i ran into some thing random that also set me back to a socal setting… a totem pole!

in santa monica there is a totem pole that i skateboarded to from des and lynn’s apartment with des. des told me that it’s good luck to go visit the totem pole and kiss it. i didn’t kiss this one, but it did give me a sense of home being a totem pole overlooking the ocean.

i later find myself on the sand. enjoying the beach, however there’s one difference… everyone is fully clothed? i’m not used to a beach being full of people with clothes on. i’m used to bikini’s and trunks.

while i was there i decided to take some pictures of street art

around this time i realized that i had been on a 2 ½ hr walk down my street. i had only anticipated walking approximately 30 mins. i had no idea that this place would be so nice and captivating… however, on the way back an idea popped into my head and i realized that there was a good chance i could walk out to that point (see the 4th pic where they yellow arrow points to) and possibly see the golden gate bridge! heck why not? what else do i have to do on a sunday afternoon? so i do it, and here’s the pudding to prove it


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